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SEO Best Practices

SEO works on how you are using different techniques to attract traffic on your website. But to get the genuine results, you can’t simply use anything on your website. There are some SEO best practices that will make things easier for you.

SEO best practices is a set of tips and tricks that helps in improving your website’s ranking in the easy fizzy way. And every year, these practices update its list to offer the best results for the website. These are much more than including keywords in the website, rather they focus on many different elements that will upgrade your website in every sense.

There was a checklist of SEO best practises in 2019 that was appreciated by users and Search Engines, and there is nothing wrong with implementing them in 2020 to get better results. So Radiate24 has come out with 7 such SEO practices 2019 that will help you now. You can Scroll further and improve the SEO of your website!

  1. Voice Search:

Voice Search is making things easier for every user as they no longer have to write something to search. They can simply type it and find a relevant result. As youngsters easily get attracted towards trends, it becomes very important for you to add the Voice Search trend in your website.

Almost 50% of Google users are youngsters and that’s why focusing on them becomes even more important. You can simply add the ‘Voice Search’ feature in your website and grab their attention. And for that, you should include long-tail keywords in your website as it helps more in communicating with users. There are some tools that can help you to find the same. So simply find such a tool and make things easier for yourself in 2020.

2. Investing in Technical SEO:

In 2019, most of the websites are getting attracted to technical SEO as it focuses on JavaScript and progressive Website apps and use them to attract traffic on your website. You can also implement it in your SEO practices 2020 and make your website error-free. A genuinely made website will eventually get more traffic than a normal website. Also, Search engines will be able to identify them.

3. Mobile Optimization:

Mobile users are increasing day by day, therefore you can’t take them lightly. When you will look into 2019 data, you will realize that almost 77% of searches have been done through mobile phones, and they find it difficult to open the desktop and find something. So having a mobile-optimized website is very important. You should focus on the mobile-first index to make your website mobile-friendly.

Make sure that all the data is easily visible on mobile phones. Also, you can search for some mobile optimization trends and implement them on your website. Using these Whitehat SEO Practices will help you attract traffic even in 2020. And without any two ways, the graph of mobile users is forever increasing, so it will be a great option.

4. User Experience:

Either it’s 2016 or 2020, the user experience plays a major role in SEO. It is counted as the Best SEO practice 2019 as it helps the users to understand your website and allow your search engine to easily rank it.

If your users will enjoy using your website, they will eventually spend more time on it. And that’s why you should give priority to it. Grown Up Digital will advise you to focus on these three points to boost the user experience:

  • Loading Speed: Make sure that your website loads in no time as it will lower down the bounce rate. Users love to spend time on your website if it loads easily.
  • Mobile Optimization: Users prefer opening a website on mobile phones, therefore mobile optimization is important.
  • Technically smooth website: The website should have all the technical elements as it will allow users to rely on it. Also, it will help them to share data very easily.

4. Translations:

The translation is also counted as one of the best SEO practices 2019 as it allows search engines to determine the language used in your website and translate it into multiple languages. And if your website will be accessed by users who understand different languages, its SEO will improve by itself. Make sure to program your website in this way and add translatable alt tags, meta tags, short descriptions, and other data to it.

5. Accessible and Crawlable:

Search Engines use the Spider program to read your website and grab information from it. Therefore, it becomes quite important for you to have a Crawlable and accessible website. It will allow you to easily get your website indexed and ranked. Make sure that your website is error-free as it will help both the search engine and users to use it properly.

Here are some reasons why Search Engines not able to rank your website:

  • Uncountable Redirects.
  • Server errors
  • Robots.txt file
  • Improper coding

Therefore, it’s very important to audit your website from time to resolve such an issue. You must keep this one of the best SEO practices 2019 in mind and improve the website ranking in 2020.

6. Machine Learning:

Machine Learning is a self-learning algorithm that Google is following since 2015. Since Google is the most used Search Engine, you should use this trend in your website. Machine learning is also known as Artificial intelligence and this will help Google to easily read your website. Also, this will grab the attention of users and improve your website’s ranking. So while creating content of the website or pursuing its development, make sure to focus on machine learning. It will add value to your website.

In 2019, Many different types of SEO practices were implemented to get better results and attract traffic on the website. And out of them, these 4 were appreciated the most. So implement these SEO best Practices 2019 in 2020 and contribute to your business growth.

Getting confused while implementing the above-given SEO best practices? Contact Radiate24 and get assistance in getting your website ranking higher on Search Engines.

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