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SEO Checklist for 2020

SEO plays a major role in improving the rank of the website. And everyone who wants to improve their online awareness are using SEO techniques. It improves the organic search and contributes to your digital marketing strategies.

Even if you have built a website for your business, you can’t just say how much time it will take to connect with the target audience. But once you will start practising SEO for your website, things will start improving.

However, doing so many different things, you might forget some things to do. That’s why you need an SEO Checklist. Let’s take an example, suppose you go shopping…There you will decide a list for all the necessities and follow them to buy things. It will help you to get all the things without forgetting them. So the list you prepare is known as Checklist. In SEO, we follow a list of best practices that put the direct effect on Search Engine Rankings. This list is known as the SEO checklist. This list is followed by at Radiate24 an SEO Company in Bangalore providing SEO Services in Hyderabad to improve client SEO Rankings.

The SEO checklist is divided into 3 important categories:

  • On-Page
  • Off-Page or External
  • Technical SEO

All these SEO checklists are important in 2020, so you can focus on them…

  1. On-Page:

On-page SEO is much more than keywords, content, title, tags, and more. Although these are important parts of On-Page SEO checklist, these are not enough to get your website ranked in 2020. Search engines want more elements than keywords. They focus on the way you have designed your website. It makes things easier for the target audience to navigate.

Here is the On-Page SEO checklist:

  • Keywords and Topics: Before starting anything, make sure to pay attention to keywords. This is what your audience is searching for and you can’t ignore it. It is very important to research them well while keeping the target audience and competitors in mind. You should also search for the topics and phrases according to search volume.
  • To do so, you can also use SEO tools and let it do the work for you. They will drill the best for you and you can easily use them on your website.
  • Content: You can’t design a website without content. And that content should be relevant to the website and include all the relevant keywords. And more is not important. If your less content has enough information and keywords, it will solve the purpose. So focus on quality rather than quantity. It will grab the user’s attention and help in improving your website’s ranking.
  • URL: Your website should have genuine URLs and they should indicate your website or brand. The Search engines focus on URLs while indexing your website. So keep them sorted, including the relevant keywords in them and don’t go out of the context. Also, let your website have different URLs for different pages.
  • Title tags: Title tags are also an important factor to include in the SEO checklist. It should be relevant, unique, and have a genuine length. You should also focus on its placement for better impact.
  • Meta Description: Meta Description is important for each page as it helps the users to understand everything about the website. It should be a mixture of keywords, genuine content and title tags.
  • Headings: Users get attracted to headings, so make sure to design them while keeping SEO aspects in mind. They should not be too long but have all the important keywords. Also, it should solve the purpose and let the website or content look sorted.
  • Body Copy: You have the better SEO, make sure to follow a structure while forming the body copy. Here, we talk about content and it should be relevant with enough keywords and visually amazing design. The genuine body copy makes the indexing process easy.
  • Alt-Text: Alt-Text helps Search Engine to understand an Image, therefore, it is important for every image you are using on the website.

2. Off-Page or External: 

Off-page SEO is a vital part to be kept clean in order to execute White Hat SEO. Frankly speaking, Off-Page SEO is not easy. It needs a lot of time and patience to build links. Here, SEO is done indirectly by making the authority status and helping people to connect with your website.

Here is the Off-Page Checklist:

  • Links: From links we mean backlinks, which helps in improving credibility and authority of the website. It is an important element of the SEO checklist as it helps In supplying content to other platforms. You will also get a chance to generate traffic from other platforms, which is quite necessary. Here, you can find the relevant platform and start building backlinks for yourself.
  • Social Media: Social Media is getting a lot of hike in 2020 and that’s why Radiate24 Digital suggests you add it in your SEO checklist. It is the best way to spread brand awareness with the help of images and videos. Almost everyone has a Social media account, so you get a lot of opportunities by using it.

3. Technical SEO:

Technical SEO focuses on Indexing and Crawling on the website. It is more on the technical side and counted as an upgraded part of SEO.

Here is a Technical SEO checklist:

  • XML Sitemap: Sitemap helps the Search Engine to easily find your website and find it credible. Also, it’s impossible to rank your website without it. So XML sitemap is an important part of Technical SEO Checklist.
  • Robots.txt: it instructs search engines about which page is important and which page is not by focusing on its indexing. Also, you can handle the whole restriction process according to your requirement.
  • Domains: You can’t imagine a website without a domain name. So make sure to get the domain that matches with your business. Ensure that it is genuine because you never want to have any kind of error on your website.
  • Site Architecture: Search engines and target audience give more preference to structured websites. That’s why your website should be easy to navigate. Also, it should be easy to understand while solving its purpose. Therefore, you can’t ignore it while preparing an SEO checklist.
  • Speed: Fast websites tend to get more traffic and have a less bounce-back rate. Even search engines consider this factor as very important. So always focus on the loading time while designing a website.
  • Mobile-friendly: Most of the users surf using their mobile phones. Therefore, your website should be easily accessible on mobile phones. It should have amazing UX and UI to ensure better participation.
  • Plugins, Add-ons, or Extensions: While designing the website, pay attention to Plugins as they will help in better SEO practice. It will make things easy to control and functional by improving SEO. Therefore, don’t forget to add it in your SEO checklist.
  • 404 pages: 404 Pages is also helpful in SEO because it will solve the errors and control the bounce back percentage. So Radiate24 counts it as an important element of your SEO checklist to make SEO work.

Bottom Line:

Website Optimization is important, but it is a time-consuming process. You have to be patient and implement all the SEO best practices to it. And to be sure that you are doing everything systematically, make sure to follow the SEO checklist. It will help you to get closer to Growth. And if you are facing any difficulty with SEO, contact Radiate24 Digital. We have a solution for everything.

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